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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization

Result Oriented Service

SEO is one of the lasting and highly recommended digital marketing solutions and an effective online marketing strategy to boost up the online visibility and ranks of web pages over Search Engine Result Pages. One of the best ways to do SEO is to follow Google guidelines and norms and adhere to the parameters provided by webmasters to ensure that your site ranks safer. EnquiryGate is the most reliable and result oriented search engine optimization company provides best Search Engine Optimization services that is sure to deliver quality traffic and high visibility for your targeted key phrases.

With having over 8 years of professional experience in the field of Digital Marketing we understand what is required to bring your site on the Top Results, therefore, we conduct details analysis in your industry to analyze the area of services you offer and design the SEO strategy in a way that delivers safer and long lasting results than your rival in the same industry. Our SEO tactics are driven by a continuous extensive research and analysis on latest trends of SEO. We do keep a close vigil on Google's algorithm change and build the SEO strategy accordingly to produce effective results. A successful SEO campaign lies in more research & analysis and keeping update with the recent Google updates.

Strategy plays an important role in SEO results. Team “EnquiryGate” analyze your competitors' website and many other factors and formulate our plan that helps you to win this game. Quality content on relevant pages is an essential factor which can't be overlooked at any point of time during whole SEO campaign. Our talented content writers produce quality content for keyword specific dedicated pages and our SEO experts optimize those pages targeting keywords and ensuring correct and appropriate URL structure and mapping for better search engine rank. EnquiryGate has deliver top page Google/Yahoo rank for over 15,000 keywords across the Globe and still counting; see how our expert can help your business grow? Success is just a call away.

EnquiryGate use basic “Search Engine Optimization – (SEO)” fundamentals and essentials. SEO helps you position your website properly and every time we focus to improve the website traffic and return on investment (ROI), so your website can come in front of the visitor at the most critical points in the buying process or when people need your products or services.

What Search Engines Are Looking For?

Search engines want to do their jobs as best as possible by referring users to websites and content that is the most relevant to what the user is looking for.

Content: Is determined by the theme that is being given, the text on the page, and the titles and descriptions that are given.

Performance: How fast is your site and does it work properly?

Authority: Does your site have good enough content to link to or do other authoritative sites use your website as a reference or cite the information that’s available?

User Experience: How does the site look? Is it easy to navigate around? Does it look safe? Does it have a high bounce rate?

When a website does “Google Website”?

A website can be called a “Good Website” when it can please both your visitors/customers, as well as Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines! The main part is how SEO can help your web presence become more profitable

What Search Engines Are NOT Looking For?

Search engine spiders only have a certain amount of data storage, so if you’re performing shady tactics or trying to trick them, chances are you’re going to hurt yourself in the long run. Items the search engines don’t want are:

Keyword Stuffing: Overuse of keywords on your pages.

Purchased Links: Buying links will get you nowhere when it comes to SEO, so be warned.

Poor User Experience: Make it easy for the user to get around. Too many ads and making it too difficult for people to find content they’re looking for will only increase your bounce rate. If you know your bounce rate it will help determine other information about your site. For example, if it’s 80 percent or higher and you have content on your website, chances are something is wrong.

Multi-Channels for SEO activity?

Keyword strategy is not only important to implement on-site, but should extend to other off-site platforms, which is why you should also be thinking about multi-channel optimization. These multi-channel platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Email
  • Being consistent with keyword phrases within these platforms will not only help your branding efforts, but also train users to use specific phrases you’re optimizing for.

    Team"EnquiryGate"check and share with you regular reports to know the performance and outcome of SEO time to time.
  • Work Report
  • Ranking Report
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster

  • Summary

    We always keep Quality “SEO” in our mind, and always follow best practices and basics. Skipping the basics of SEO can only leave site’s foundation a mess and prevent us from fully maximizing revenue opportunities.


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